10 Facts about Fertilizer

Facts about Fertilizer inform the readers with a material used to provide more nutrients for plants, which enable them to grow well. There are two major types of fertilizers. Both are the synthetic or natural ones. The fertilizers will be applied on the soils where the plants are grown. The growth of plants will be increased due to the usage of fertilizers. People add fertilizer to the plants for two main purposes. They want to provide more nutrients for the plants and increase the soil effectiveness. Let us get other interesting facts about fertilizer below:

Facts about Fertilizer 1: the nutrients

There are three primary macronutrients from fertilizers. The leaf growth will be increased if you give high amount of nitrogen. The development of fruit, seeds, flowers and roots will be enhanced with phosphorus. If you give sufficient amount of potassium, you can promote fruiting flowering, movement of water in the plants and stronger growth of plant stems.

Facts about Fertilizer
Facts about Fertilizer

Facts about Fertilizer 2: the secondary nutrients

The secondary nutrients found on the fertilizers include sulfur, magnesium and calcium.

Facts about Fertilizer 3: micronutrients

The micronutrients needed by the plants include manganese, iron, copper, boron, zinc, and molybdenum.

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Fertilizer Facts
Fertilizer Facts

Facts about Fertilizer 4: the rare mineral catalysts

The rare mineral catalysts needed by plants from fertilizer include vanadium, cobalt and silicon.

Facts about Fertilizer 5: the importance of nutrients

The plants will grow well if they can earn sufficient amount of nutrients from the fertilizers.

Facts about Fertilizer 6: the larger nutrients

The larger nutrients needed by the plants are the macronutrients. Nitrogen is considered as the most vital component for plants. Therefore, it is always present in a fertilizer. The nitrogen should be available in fixed form to make sure that the plants are healthy.

Facts about Fertilizer 7: the importance of phosphate

Plants also need phosphate for the nutrient plays an important role to produce ATP and DNA.

Fertilizer Image
Fertilizer Image

Facts about Fertilizer 8: the importance of micronutrients

Even though plants only need a small quantity of micronutrients, they are vital for metabolism of the plants.

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Facts about Fertilizer 9: classification

Fertilizers are available in a number of classifications. The straight fertilizer is used to define a fertilizer with a single nutrient.

Fertilizer Images
Fertilizer Images

Facts about Fertilizer 10: complex fertilizer

Complex fertilizer has two or more nutrients.

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