10 Facts about Farming

The people can get food and raw materials by farming.  It is always included as a part of agriculture. The farmers will keep animals and grow crops to do farming. The origin of agriculture is dated back thousands of years ago. There is no exact source related to the origin of farming. The people began to settle in one place when they did farming. The nomadic hunting was left behind. There is a source which stated that the Fertile Crescent which included the Nile River, Levant and Mesopotamia were the beginning of domestication and farming. Let me show you more interesting facts about farming by reading the below post:

Facts about Farming 1: the present day Fertile Crescent

The areas in Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Israel and Jordan are covered in the Fertile Crescent.

Facts about Farming

Facts about Farming

Facts about Farming 2: the first crops

The first crops that people grew for farming were barley and wheat. During the early period, people still gathered the food from wild. However, they still planted few crops.

Facts about Farming 3: the benefit of farming

Farming is more beneficial than hunting gathering activity due to the amount of food that it produces.

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Farm in US

Farm in US

Facts about Farming 4:  the types of farming

Today, farming is conducted not only to grow foods. Some people do farming to get the drugs from the opium and marijuana, biofuels, leather, fungi, fibers, animals, flower and manure.

Facts about Farming 5: the small farm

The people in a developing country only have a small farm, which produces enough food to feed the family. If they have extra food, they will sell it to get cash.

Facts about Farming 6: the subsistence farmers

Education is needed to increase the prosperous life of subsistence farmers. Most of them have low level of education. Moreover, they cannot buy the equipment used to increase the amount of agricultural production.

Facts about Farming 7: famine

Famine is a problem where people have extreme shortage of food. It is mainly caused by drought and climate change.

Farming Facts

Farming Facts

Facts about Farming 8: farms in developed countries

Farms in developed countries are larger. The farmers use machines and equipment to help them handling the large farms effectively and efficiently.

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Facts about Farming 9: the intensive farming

Even though the intensive farming allows the people to get high level of production, the usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are too extensive.

Farm Land

Farm Land

Facts about Farming 10: the agricultural techniques

Some techniques applied in agriculture include crop rotation, fertilizers, weed removals, breeding, fencing, and ranching.

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