10 Facts about Farm Animals

Facts about Farm Animals tell us about a farm used for producing animals or products from animals. The farm may cover the areas from a hectare to thousands of hectares. It can be operated by a company, a corporation, a community, a family or an individual.  The farm animals are available in several types. It can be poultry farm, fish farm, dairy farm and mink farm. Let us check other facts about farm animals:

Facts about Farm Animals 1: the dairy farming

The dairy farming has the objective to gain milk from the mammals, goats, and female cattle. The milk will be sold for retails.

Facts about Farm Animals

Facts about Farm Animals

Facts about Farm Animals 2: the breed of cattle

There are a number of cattle breeds, which can be found in dairy farms. They include Brown Swiss, Norwegian Red, Holstein and Kostroma.

Facts about Farm Animals 3: the dairy products

The milk produced from the dairy farms usually is created into cheese, butter and cream in most western countries.

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Farm Animals Facts

Farm Animals Facts

Facts about Farm Animals 4: the poultry farms

The poultry farm is very different from the dairy farm. The former one has the objective to raise chickens, ducks, fowl, and turkeys for their eggs and meat.

Facts about Farm Animals 5: pig farm

The pig farm is used for raising hogs and pigs to get their pork, ham, and bacon.

Facts about Farm Animals 6:  the number of chicken

The number of chicken found in the poultry farms all over the world reached 50 billion. Most of them are taken for eggs and meat. Chicken is the most common animal found in a poultry farm.

Facts about Farm Animals 7: the terms

Broiler is a term used to call chicken for meat. The chicken raised to get their eggs is called layers.

Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Facts about Farm Animals 8: the poultry production in United States

FDA, which stands for Food and Drug Administration, is the national organization, which oversees the poultry production in United States. Defra is the national organization, which oversees it in United Kingdom.

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Facts about Farm Animals 9:  the styles of farming for pigs

The styles of faming pigs come in a number of options. It might be kept inside a simple shelter.  Some places allow the pigs to wander around the city, town or village.

Farm Animal

Farm Animal

Facts about Farm Animals 10: the value of pigs

Pigs are valuable sources of meat for the farmers for they can transform the inedible food into meat. The municipal garbage is eaten by pigs.

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