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10 Fun Facts about Field Hockey

The interesting sport in the hockey family is explained on Fun Facts about Field Hockey. The origin of this game was traced back since the middle Ages in Scotland, England, Netherlands and France.  You can play field hockey in..

10 Facts about the Fiddle

Find out the interesting information about a bowed string musical instrument on Facts about the Fiddle. Violin is another common name for the fiddle.  This musical instrument is played in various genres. In the past, it was mostly spotted..

10 Facts about Fiddler Crabs

If you want to know the complete information about a calling crab, look at Facts about Fiddler Crabs. This crab is included in genus Uca that consists of at least 100 species. Ghost crabs have closer relation with fiddler..

10 Facts about Fidel Castro

The prominent figure in Cuba is explained on Facts about Fidel Castro. He was born on 13th August 1926 and died on 25th November 2016. His birth name was Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. He is known more as Fidel..

10 Facts about Fiction

Facts about Fiction make us discuss a type of literary genre. It is applied not only in writing but also in animations, television programs, films, live performances, role-playing games and video games. The play, novella, novel and short story..

10 Facts about Fiberglass

Let us find out the ideas about a fiber-reinforced plastic on Facts about Fiberglass. The glass fiber comes in a number of options. It can be woven, flattened or even arranged. Fiberglass is a preferable material because of its..

10 Facts about Fiber Optics

Get the information about a transparent and flexible fiber on Facts about Fiber Optics. It is often called as optical fiber. The diameter of fiber optic is a little bit thicker compared to a human hair. The primary component..

10 Facts about Fiber

Facts about Fiber tell the readers about indigestible parts of foods taken from plants. Dietary fiber is very important for the health of human being. It comes in two types. They are insoluble fiber and soluble fiber. The defecation..

10 Facts about Fiat

Find out the useful information about the largest automobile manufacturer on Facts about Fiat.  The official name is Fiat Automobiles S.p.A. People often call it FIAT. The history of Fiat was traced back in 1899 when the first production..

10 Facts about FGM

Facts about FGM tell the readers about female genital mutilation.   This ritual of female circumcision takes place in Middle East, Asia and Africa. It occurs by removing or cutting parts of all external genitalia of females. The procedures were..

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